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With over 25 years of Broadcast Engineering experience, Integrity PROracks only designs and builds state of the art custom rack mount workstations, streamers, and servers. We understand “Mission Critical Radio”. You won’t find any “Out of the Box” stock options on our shelves. Our team is dedicated to providing the Broadcasting Industry with high-end, reliable, built-per order rack mount workstations. We don’t just design and sell great products. We build sound solutions for radio. Stay connected to your listeners. Contact us today and let one of our Broadcasting Specialist start building worry free radio for you.






 Air_III_icnAir III Stealth iSeries
If your broadcasting racks utilize demanding audio over IP automation and they require the latest in professional audio cards, the Air III Stealth iSeries is the perfect fit. Its 3RU enclosure has only a 20”depth, eliminating your rackspace concerns. Packed with options, the Air III can accommodate Intel iCore Processors up to Quad Core Extreme and has plenty of RAM expansion to boot. Optional Stealth iSeries technology ensures whisper quiet operation. Designed to be “On-Air”.




StudioMatePrdcticnStudio Mate
A powerful engine that is perfect for automation apps that utilize audio over IP. At only 10″ deep it is a perfect fit for air studios. When it comes to noise this machine is whisper quiet. A feature that is not commonly found in most rack mount workstations.





PROserv8XPrdctincPROserv 8x Series
Our PROserv series are Supermicro based workstations that support mission critical applications. Equipped with a redundant power and SYS array, these machines are known for their stability and performance.






Designed for demanding automation that utilizes audio over IP. The Air II Matrix delivers the type of reliable performance that broadcast engineers demand from the market today. Equipped with an optional quiet technology, the Integrity PROracks team had On-Air studio operation in mind when they designed this elite workstation. With the ability to run Intel i3, i4, and i7 processors, the Air II is powerful and capable of running up to 16GB of RAM.






Air III SFiconAir III – SF
The Air III-SF can easily serve as an entry level server or rock-solid workstation. Designed for radio automation that utilizes audio over IP, this machine is capable of running the latest in professional audio cards.  Rack space conscious, the Air III – SF  carries a 3Ru design that is only 15” deep. Making this unit a perfect fit for air studio applications. With customized power options, the Air III – SF  can comfortably perform with Intel iCore technology up to i7.






iStream PrdcticniStream -1RU
Designed for the smart broadcaster who demands performance and reliability. The iStream is designed to bridge the gap between the studio and internet radio. Packed with power this lean machine can comfortably accommodate up to 2 hard drives for data and audio storage.





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