AIR III iSeries

If your broadcasting racks utilize demanding audio over IP automation and they require the latest in professional audio cards, the Air III Stealth iSeries is the perfect fit. Its 3RU enclosure has only a 20”depth, eliminating your rack space concerns. Packed with options, the Air III can accommodate Intel iCore Processors up to Quad Core Extreme and has plenty of RAM expansion to boot. Optional Stealth iSeries technology ensures whisper quiet operation. Making this machine a perfect workstation for On-Air studio application.



• Ideal for broadcast specific automation application

• Optional Stealth iSeries technology for On-Air operations

•  3RU rack design only 20” deep

• Optional redundant power supply (non-quiet)

• Optional spare parts kit ( MB, pwr supply, hard drive)

• Choice of front bezel covers ( Black / Blue/ Red / Silver/ Gold)

• Front access USB2 and plug-in internal USB ports for dongles

• Removable air filter

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